What You Can Expect from the Scott Long Comedy Course

I have been a touring standup comedian for almost 17 years now and have been a TV writer for 9 years.  I will teach you the techniques that have been successful for me.  Together we will help you find what is unique about your point of view and bring it to the surface.  If your focus is standup comedy, screenplays, or being a more dynamic speaker in your business life, I will show you how to unlock the best comedic voice you have to offer.

Too many people spend years wasting time dreaming of finding success in some creative profession.  This course will push you at least 2 years ahead of those who are trying to wing it. You will have a built-in peer group as well access to the information I’ve gathered in my 20 years in the comedy world.

We cover how to write, where to get inspiration, how to structure it, and when to tweak your material. I will show you the presentation techniques which will give you the best chance of succeeding with an audience.

The first half of the course will be me helping you find the best comedic material you have. Too many comics hit the stage without understanding how to maximize their time. I will teach you the techniques and exercises I have to unlock your fullest potential as a comedy writer. Also I will discuss how to use social media and the internet to develop your comedy voice.

The second half of the course will be focused on performing standup comedy. The greatest comedians in the history of comedy are good joke writers, but there is more than that involved in the equation. There are many styles that can make you more successful onstage. I will help you take what are your strong points as a comic and point you in a direction to develop a style onstage that fits these strengths.

This class was amazing, I thought stand up was just getting up there and telling jokes, its so much more and I just hate to think what would’ve happened if I’d tried to go on stage without the knowledge I gained in this class. Everyone in the class was great and I still keep in contact with most of them. -Jeremy- (Former class member)


Scott’s Credentials

This Man Will Help You. I Promise!

Scott Long has appeared on NBC and FOX networks.

He has been heard on hundreds of radio stations including XM satellite radio, the Bob and Tom Show, ESPN and FOX Sports radio.

For the past 8 seasons he has written Frank Caliendo’s comedy sketches for the NFL pregame show on FOX sports. This includes 3 Super Bowls, including 2011, which is the highest rated show in TV history.

Scott has written for numerous different events from the White House Correspondence Dinner to the NASCAR awards banquet.

Scott is a nationally touring headlining comedian who has performed at most of the major comedy clubs in the country.  Here is a list of some of just some of these venues.

IMPROV (Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Irvine, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Tempe, Washington DC) Funny Bone (Baton Rouge, Buffalo, Columbus, Des Moines, Green Bay, St. Louis, South Bend, Springfield MO), Loony Bin (Little Rock, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Wichita), Comedy Zone (Charlotte), Punchline (Atlanta), Joke Joint (Twin Cities), Minnesota Comedy Club (Twin Cities), Zanies (Chicago), Riddles (Chicago), Giggles (Milwaukee), Chaplins (Detroit), Joey’s (Detroit), Famous Johnny’s (Kansas City), Stanfords (Kansas City), Crackers (Indianapolis), Comedy Caravan (Louisville), Go Bananas (Cincinnati), Stardome (Birmingham), Rivercenter Comedy Club (San Antonio), Laffs (Tucson), Comedy at the Bob (Grand Rapids), Connections (Lansing, Toledo), Hilarities (Akron), Gary Fields Comedy Club (Battle Creek, Kalamazoo), Comedy Forum (St. Louis), Snickers (Ft. Wayne), Jokers (Omaha, OKC), Charlie Goodnights (Raliegh NC), Cozzy’s (Newport News VA), Penguins (Cedar Rapids), Goonies (Rochester), Jukebox (Peoria), Comedy Gallery (Grand Forks)

This is just a partial list and if the place exists or did in the past, I’ve probably done a one-nighter there. This includes performances at such diverse locations as state prisons, nudist colonies, and strip clubs.  No really, I’ve performed at these places. I pride myself in having many different type of shows which I can do depending on what will work best with the audience.  This type of diversity allows me to help all types of people find what will work best for them.

Next Scott Long Comedy Course Dates and Sign-up Information

This is a 3 hour comedy seminar on August 17th.  It will take place from 3pm to 6pm at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple. The first half will be focused on the writing/creating comedic material, while the second half will be focused on the performing elements.

Complimentary soft drinks and snacks are included.

2 Free Tickets to a future Crackers comedy show.

A free Copy of Scott’s DVD, Reality Show.

Get up onstage for a 3 minute set at a future Crackers open mic night.

COST: It is 40 dollars for the 3 hour session.

Contact me at insidescott@hotmail.com if you want to sign up or if you have any questions.  SPACE IS LIMITED, so email sign-up is required.  Payment will be taken before the class, so try to be there by 2:45pm.  Cash or Credit Card will be accepted.

Comments from Past Comics Who Have Taken Scott’s Course

Scott Long’s comedy classes went beyond what I expected to get out of the class. (not to say that my expectations were low) Who wouldn’t want a pro in the comedy game giving you tips on what and what not to do. –Ryan–

Yeah, the class was definitely worth it, who knows how long I’d have been running into the same road blocks over & over, thinking I was making progress without the insight Scott brings to the table. All in all, Learned a lot, met some great people, & had a good time doing it. Thanks again  –Bill–

If Scott had a new class starting on Tuesday, I would be going because I know I would learn more and grow more. You can never learn enough about writing and performing comedy. And to learn from a pro like Scott…priceless. If you’re on stage now or always wanted to try stand up, take Scott’s class. Be prepared to work hard. Now Scott, when’s the next class? –Jeffrey–